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"Where smart used car sellers and buyers meet" was developed and organized to benefit both used car sellers and used car buyers.
Smart car shoppers know an original-owner car is probably a better car and will search further for an original-owner car.

Only at can you save a search for an original owner car.

Smart car sellers know their car is worth more if its a well kept original-owner car and it deserves a wider audience than a newspaper or local advertising can provide.
We have several features on our site to help buyers and sellers:

First, a unique 3 shelf system. Owners answer questions about their car's history.
Shelf #1 Original-owner cars. Owner certifies no wrecks, no lemons, no floods, etc.
  Your safest and best deal on a used car is ...
  buying a well-maintained low mileage car. Low mileage well-maintained used cars tend to be original owner cars.

Experts agree, buying a car from the original owner can save you thousands of dollars vs. buying a new car. Also, if you are not good at evaluating used cars, you should only be looking at original owner cars.
Shelf #2 Private Owners only with used cars they have driven for over 1 year.
Owner certifies it is not a problem vehicle. Including daily drivers, muscle cars, antique cars, race cars, etc.
  Your best deal on an older or specialty car is ...
  buying an older or specialty car from someone who has owned it and taken care of it for a while, not someone who has just purchased it, fixed it up, and is selling it to make a profit.

Experts agree, buying a car from a person who purchased it to fix it up and sell it to make a profit is a car shoppers riskiest deal.
Shelf #3 All other cars, including rebuildables, recovered thefts, etc.
  Your best deal on a used car is ...
  (if you have knowledge of used cars) a car that needs repairs.

Experts agree, if you have the knowledge and the tools, buying used cars that need repairs can save you thousands of dollars.
Then, other features:
  • No cost for owners to list their cars.
  • Fast Car Find feature helps buyers get info about seller's cars car real quick and easy (see below).
  • A printable sign can be made (3 sizes available).
  • Searches for cars can be saved. Only at can you save a search for an original owner car.
  • Email notification of cars you are searching for.
  • Seller and Buyer Tips that may even help an experienced car seller or buyer.
To the Sellers:
  Post and sell your cars for free!
Please check out our Seller Tips.
To the Buyers:
  Look for an original owner car. That's going to save you money!
Please check out our Buyer Tips.
Any feedback is welcome.

If you are a private owner selling a vehicle, here is what you need to know about


 I will run your ad.
 I will promote your vehicle to shoppers across the U.S.
 I will also send an Email out to all who have saved a search for your vehicle.
 I may also show your car in the showrooms (suitable cars with good pictures).
 You agree to honestly answer a few questions about your car's history and enter your car information accurately.
 You agree to maintain your postings yourself, content, revisions, pictures and deletions.

For each vehicle you list on, (you can run up to four ads at a time) there are just a few simple steps. First, you'll be asked a few simple questions about the history of the vehicle. Next, you fill in a simple form describing the vehicle detail (make, model, color, price, mileage, etc). Finally, you write a simple Advertisement (and attach a photo, if you have one).

All you need to do to get started is to set up an Owner Profile. Owner Profiles are free and take only a minute to set up!

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"Fast Car Find" feature
  The "Fast Car Find" feature makes it easy to see details about a car you saw somewhere other than on Just enter the phone number or email you saw.
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