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Buying used cars from private individuals can save thousands of dollars but it can take some time. It also involves more risk than buying from a reputable dealer. If you have decided to buy from a private individual then buying a used car from the original owner helps LOWER THE RISK. If you cannot evaluate a used car, buying something other than an original owner car is VERY RISKY.

There are too many unscrupulous used car sellers eager to rip you off.

Original owner cars are the ONLY cars you should consider.

Used Car Buyer Tips:
 Experts agree: buying a used car from the original-owner is your safest and best deal on a private sale. Also, if you are not good at evaluating used cars, you should only be looking at original-owner cars. ...
Used Car Seller Tips:
 Don't get conned by a buyer offering more money than you are asking and wanting some back. They are frauds. Send their e-mail addresses to the authorities ...
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